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What Is Efee ?

Admission is an unavoidable and a daunting annual process for institutes. On the other hand fee collection is a month-on-month recurring process which has its set of demands and complications. Both the procedures require investment of time, manpower and administration, and cannot be outsourced under any circumstances. Not to discount the important trait-integrity, and processes-supervision and surveillance required while managing these and handling cash.

Efee eases out these functions comprehensively. It gives a technological platform to the institutes (preschools, schools, colleges, universities and classes) to manage the entire admission and fee collection operation with minimal manual intervention. This includes exchange of documents between the institute and student at the time of admission and while collecting fee, as well as transfer of funds to the institute’s account through a safe & secured method.

Efee also brings convenience to parents / students. It gives them freedom to submit the required documents, get receipts, collaterals and prospectus and pay fee anytime from anywhere in the world, along with getting regular updates and continuous automated communications from the institute.

Efee is part of its umbrella holding company Sinwin.com. Sinwin stands for “window”, a concept to provide its users and searchers multiple the same website. The wide range of services platforms to book a banquet for a party, to payment for educational services and many more.

How is Efee Different ?

Multiple modes of online payment
Efee enables using multiple modes of online payment as per the payee’s convenience. It can be through internet banking, debit card or credit card.
Connected with all bank accounts
There is no necessity of having an account with any particular bank to enable transactions. All bank accounts are well connected with Efee.
Report generation in different formats
Regular reports on real time basis on payment / outstanding status can be extracted in easy downloadable formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.
Compatibility with Tally
Any time data from Efee can be imported to tally (accounting software), thus eliminating duplication of work and wastage of time.
Easy navigation
One thing which describes Efee website best is, ‘simplicity’. It is designed to ensure easy navigation. Comprehension will be a piece of cake even for an amateur.