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How is Efee Beneficial?

Cash Free :Hassle Free Working
As the fee is paid online, the office remains cash less and therefore reduces the inconvenience of handling cash and manually depositing it in the bank account at regular intervals. Punch line: Cash-less office at your convenience with Efee
Go Paper Less : Go e-Age
Issuing receipts, for the first time or otherwise and maintaining records is painstaking and time consuming. Efee gives the institutes freedom from this repetitive task. Immediate receipt is issued to the payee after successful completion of the online transaction. For fee payment which may take place over the counter, the receipt is automatically emailed to the payee, alternatively on demand a hard copy can be printed and given (however in the endeavour of going green it is advised not to encourage printing).
Automation at its best : Intimation and Reminders
Email intimation is sent to the institute and the parent after every payment. This is to confirm completion of the transaction. This step eliminates the need of maintaining hard copies or issuing duplicate copies in case of misplacement. The institute can also send reminders via SMS and / or email to the students for paying fee with the exact fee component, i.e. outstanding library fee, tuition fee, etc.
Zero Cost : Zero Maintenance
Yes that’s right! There is no monetary responsibility on the institute for adapting Efee. Our business model depends on levying a small amount as transaction fee to the payee on every transaction.
Safe Funds : Secured Payment
The funds are directly credited to your account through secured payment gateways from renowned service providers like HDFC Bank, Financial Technologies (ATOM) & PayU. It removes probabilities of any kind of fraudulent activity.
Increase Productivity:Decrease Cost
Shifting from manual payment collection to automation will enable saving time, minimize documentation error, reduce administration and fasten accounting closures. All this will lead to saving cost for the institute.
Contentment : Convenience : Hand-in-Hand*
Apart from paying fee through www.efee.in the parent (student) is given the convenience to pay through the institute’s existing website also. Punch line: Change is not easy. Efee hasmade it easy

How Efee if Beneficial for the Parents / Students?

24x7 payment
a. Last minute payment acceptable
b. Account being credited real time basis
c. No late payment fee

Save time and cost
a. No more long queues
b. No traveling expenditure
c. Parents - no absenteeism from offices

Regular updates &intimation
a. Due date alerts
b. Confirmation of receipts
c. No delays in making payment

Easy access all time
a. Duplicate receipts
b. Account statement
c. Information at finger tips

Secure and safe payment gateway which safeguardspayee data and authenticate the transactions.