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Refunds & Cancellations

The right to waive out any expenses / charges paid through efee to the institutions/ schools / universities / organizations rests solely with efee and its management. On account of cancellation the student would get the amount of charges paid through efee as chosen by the beneficiary party to whom it was paid.

The associated Colleges/Schools and Institutes have authority to disregard the payments made through efee with or without prior notice pertaining to their own legal policies.

The responsibility of filling-in the correct information in the online payment form is on the students / parents etc. In circumstances where the information is not correct efee reserves the right to nullify the transaction without informing the payee or the beneficiary.

In a situation where the payee wants to terminate the transaction to the beneficiary, the payee needs to inform efee in writing via email to refund@efee.in with subject matter as 'Cancellation & Refund – Transaction ID' within 24 hours of the cut off time.

In circumstances where the payment made has been credited to the beneficiary and payee wants a refund then the terms and conditions of the beneficiary party will be applicable.

Please note that the cancellation fee and cancellation period may differ from institution to institution

Only those cancellation requests which are made either online/email or on the phone to our customer support team shall be entertained.

Efee shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made directly to the institution without intimating Efee.

It is essential to contact Efee for all kinds of refunds is done through it. Refund against the cancellation will be credited directly in your account. In case of Credit Card, refund will be made on the same credit card only. Refund process can take duration of maximum 3 -7 working days due to banking procedures. In case of Net Banking, it may take 7-8 working days. Processing times for cancellation and refund requests may vary.

In no event convenience fees or promotional charges would be refunded.

Promotion Codes

Efee generates promotion codes from time to time which may be availed on the Site as a discount coupon.

Promotion codes from time to time may vary from institution to institution.

Users are advised that the promotional offer of using Promotion Codes for receiving discounts can be availed only if correct and full details (of the promotional code) are filled in at the time of making the booking.

In case if the customer fails to enter the promo code before making the booking, the Efee shall not be liable to give any credit to the customer after the booking has been made.

Considering there are multiple promotional offers running on the site, user can avail the benefit of only one offer at a time. No two promotional codes can be combined at the time of making a booking.

Discount coupons once purchased in non- cancellable and non-refundable